Duke's Claybusters

High School Trap Team ” Dukes Claybusters” are in 2nd place out of 22 teams after five weeks of competition in the Camas Prairie tournament. This is a 10-week event, and the Claybusters are only six birds out of first place.

The Claybusters are in 1st place yet in the Big Sky after six weeks and 1st place in the Spokesman Review youth division.  The Claybusters, shot week seven last week, but don’t have the results back yet. 

The weather at the club has been frigid the last two weeks at 19 degrees and a wind making it -9 degrees, with all the team members participating—what a great group of Students.  The Big Sky and Spokesman-Review competition end this coming weekend, hoping we can end with first place for   “2021”.  Whether take first or not, the coaches, Lonny and Ron, are so very proud of all members of the Dukes Claybusters for their dedication to good grades, integrity, and the sport of trapshooting, also being tough enough to shoot in this weather.

Bonners Ferry Gun Club

Bonners Ferry Trap Club

The adult team isn’t faring as well as the Claybusters, as far as placing.  We are only 3rd place in the Big Sky, 8th in the Spokesman-Review Div. III and 15th in the Camas Prairie.  In the Women’s division in the Spokesman, the Bonners Ferry women are in 10th place out of 23.  The Bonners Ferry Club sure could use more women and men shooters.  

Paul Carelli won A-Class with 21+19=40X50, Dean Nelson won B Class with 17+20=37X50.  

The club had four Annie Oakleys but with the cold wind, they weren’t quite as much fun as usual.  

Here’s wishing the Claybusters the best of luck in breaking targets this last weekend in the Big Sky and Spokesman Review events. May the Great Spirit be with you!!

Shoot Safe and Shoot Straight

Coach Lonny.