Bonners Ferry High School Trap team “Duke’s Claybusters” are Champions for the second year in a row in the 2020 and 2021 in the Big Sky INET eight-week competition, and for the first time, took the Youth Division of the Spokesman-Review eight-week competition against twenty-two club teams throughout the Inland Northwest.

Bonners Ferry High School Trap team
Front row: Kamen Nelson, Zadok Steffen, Melanie Campbell, Isaac Bliss, Ryan Carelli
Second Row: Colin Fairchild, Dillon McLeish, Cassidy Underhill
Back Row: Malia Steffen, Wyatt McDonald, Seth Rice, Wade Rice, Torsten Conover

The final results are in for the Big Sky INET winter shoot, Jan 3 – Feb 21.

Top Junior ShootersScoreClubTop Sub-Junior Shooters  
Ace Thomas347Yakima WADillon McLeish318Bonners Ferry
Colin Fairchild343Bonners FerryWyatt McDonald285Bonners Ferry
Seth Rice322Bonners FerryMalia Steffen258Bonners Ferry

Top Junior Team Scores:

  1. Bonners Ferry “Duke’s Claybusters” – 1330 targets
  2. Sandpoint – 456 targets
  3. Yakima Valley Sports Association – 347 targets

Other individual scores: Wade Rice – 318, Torsten Conover – 146, Isaac Bliss – 288, Zadaok Steffen – 251, Cassidy Underhill – 282, Kamen Nelson – 295, Ryan Carelli – 264, Melanie Campbell – 300, and new shooter Trenton Myers breaking 13 – 18 and 20 improving every day.

The Spokesman-Review Shoot Youth Division

Top Junior Team Scores:

  1. Bonners Ferry High School – 742 targets
  2. Spangle WA – 740 targets
  3. Wallace-Kellogg ID – 724 targets
Dukes Claybusters JuniorsTotal Targets out of 200 Dukes Claybusters Sub-JuniorsTotal Targets out of 200
Colin Fairchild177 Dillon McLeish179
Cassidy Underhill177 Wyatt McDonald161
Seth Rice177 Zadok Steffen139
Wade Rice173 Malia Steffen134
Kamen Nelson166   
Melanie Campbell159   
Isaac Bliss158   
Ryan Carelli150   
Torsten Conover90   

The Claybusters individual scores did not place 1st or 2nd  in the Spokesman-Review shoot, but they won 1st in the team competition out of 22 teams. What a great effort, something the team members will always have to remember.

The Camas Prairie competition is a 10 week shoot ending this next weekend March 14, 2021. The Claybusters are only 12 targets behind the 1st place team holding on to second place. I know the Claybusters will give it their best effort as they always do.

Bonners Ferry Gun Club

The regular members individual scores are as follow:

Spokesman-Review 16 yard scores 200 target
AA Class: Bill Bustillos – 169
A Class: Jason Keate – 165
B Class: Paul Carelli – 162
C Class: Wally Dinning – 161
D Class: Dennis Smith – 160
Ladies Class: Melanie Campbell – 159
Sr. Vet Class: Lonny Jelinek – 179

The Bonners Ferry women took 12th in the women’s division out of 23 teams.  Pretty good for the first time our ladies have entered.

Bonners Ferry’s team took 8th place in division III, out of 15 teams.

Big Sky INET

Bonners Ferry Gun Club came in 4th place out of nine teams entered, not too bad for the over-the-hill gang.

Bonners Ferry Gun Club in club competition

This week the individual in club competition winners:
A Class: Bill Bustillos
B Class: Kristie Campbell

Congratulations to you both!

These following scores are for the best 8 weeks scores out of 10 weeks.

A ClassScore out of 400 targetsB ClassScore out of 400 targetsC ClassScore out of 400 targets
Wally Dinning –342Ron Campbell306Dennis Smith292
Lonny Jelinek332Dean Nelson305Ken Brink284
Paul Carelli331Jake Jacobson303Mike Pruitt283
Bill Bustillos323Michael Compton302Brian McDonald296
Jason Keate311Kristie Campbell300  

As you can see, Wally took advantage of us older shooters as well as the younger ones, LOL. Great shooting Wally!

Annie Oakley
Left to Right: Melanie Campbell, Kristie Campbell, Dean Nelson, Lonny Jelinek, Mike Pruitt, Bill Bustillos, Michael Compton, Jake Jacobson, Wally Dinning

The Annie Oakleys went well again as the Ladies Campbell gang finally cooled off a little and let a few others shooters win. What great Fun!

I thank all the Claybusters and the club members who shot in the cold, tough and windy weather to support our gun club and let the Northwest know where Bonners Ferry is…

Shoot Safe and keep your powder dry.

Coaches Lonny and Ron

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