Duke's Claybusters

The finale of the Camas Prairie winter shoot was this last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Walla Walla, WA. The Bonners Ferry High School Trap Team entered eight Duke’s Claybusters and three adults entered as well. The Juniors team filled a squad with five members and the Sub Juniors brought three with Paul Carelli and Coach Ron Campbell filling in to make a full squad. The competition was for best team scores as well as individual high score. There were 65 plus squads at the event.

Highlights of the weekend of shooting included a presentation of the Runner-up trophy, given to the eight Claybusters in attendance; they took second place out of 26 clubs around the region. WOW, what an achievement!

Pictured Team Members from left:
Wyatt McDonald, Seth Rice, Dillon McLeish,

Melanie Campbell, Wade Rice, Isaac Bliss, Kamen Nelson, Ryan Carelli
Team members unable to make this shoot:
Colin Fairchild, Malia Steffen, Zadok Steffen, Cassidy Underhill, Torsten Conover

Melanie Campbell

Next, the president of the Camas Prairie Association, John Adams, presented team member Melanie Campbell with her second 25 straight patch, as the vice president of Camas and Coach Lonny Jelinek already presented her patch for the 25. Melanie has had a lot of 24/25s. The 25 that she hit in Walla Walla was in a cold hard wind.

Claybuster Kamen Nelson, in the last event, tied the Handicap score of 91/100 with two 27-yarders, John Adams from Oregon and Grant Williams, one of the best shooters in Idaho. Well Done!

Seth Rice won Runner-up on events #5 and #7 for a total of 184/200 in C class. Seth also won best new shooter in the Junior Division for the 16-yard score of 96×100.

In Event #7, Dillon McLeish had a shoot off for 5th place for the best score in the 10-week league shoot. The shoot off occurred during the night under poor lighting and after shooting 300 rounds earlier in the day.

Wade Rice broke 95×100 in the 16-yard, and Ryan Carelli won some of his entrance money back as did his dad, Paul. Paul and Ryan, and Ron and Melanie entered the parent-child event; it is so great when the parents support their kids. Thank you Claybuster parents for all you do as a family!

Wyatt McDonald had some good scores this weekend as well as Melanie and Isaac Bliss. One thing is for sure, we all need some more practice on the Doubles Event at home. We’ll work on that.

 The weather in Walla Walla was the worst cold and windy Coach Lonny can remember since the shoot was moved from Lewiston. What a great job the Claybusters have done so far this year!

Keep your head on the stock and your eye on the rock. Shoot Safe!

Coaches Lonny Jelinek and Ron Campbell

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